Powers, Austin

Powers, Austin

The weather here in Charleston is constantly changing. Quite literally changing from 45 fahrenheit to 80 fahrenheit the next day, so obviously I am having to switch from a FW wardrobe to autumnal styles with spring silhouettes. Today was a colder one so I was able to bring out some of my go-to's. I actually found the Timo Weiland jacket on sale last December in Saks on my trip to NYC. Below I've listed everything I am wearing and while I know some items are pricier, I listed some alternatives for you guys to get the same look! (I also am all about shopping sale which is wear I was able to find most of these pieces). 


If you made it this far you've searched through my site quite a bit, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I cannot wait to start this "journey" and see where it takes me. It makes it even better that you're coming along with me! 

- Timothy J. Kelly

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