Winter Scaries: A Guide to Transitional Spring Clothing

So I feel like I’ve spoken on it before, but this time of year is usually the worst part of the year for me. The cold and rainy days just add up, and I end up wanting to stay inside 24/7. My closet is usually affected too. I try to do a clear out around this time too! It’s always a good idea to go through the mounds of clothes you probably have somewhere in your apartment or house. I’ve linked my depop if you want to shop some of those pieces. If not, no worries! Let’s move on.

The clothes that make the cut are usually ones that I can somewhat wear all year long. Obviously shorts and sweaters can be primarily seasonal, but don’t fret! There’s ways to make it work more than you might think. I’ve listed some of my favorite transitional spring outfit ideas below along with similar options!

Long Sleeve Graphic Tee: My New Love Affair

I have to be honest about this one… Ariana Grande’s song NASA totally made me want a NASA tee. I wanted one a little bit different than most of the classic ones, so I started searching. I found this one in the Urban Outfitter’s sale, and I immediately fell in love. The best part is, it’s under $20!!! I’ve linked the whole look below as well, so it’s shop-able.

Anyway, little did I know that I’d become obsessed with long sleeve tees when I opened the UO package. Since then, I’ve bought 2 more. They’re perfect this time of the year in my opinion, especially in Charleston. Their ability to be layered and simply covering your arms almost makes them the perfect transitional piece. The super cool and laid-back look can be paired with almost any skirt, shorts or pants. Don’t be afraid of adding some color or prints too!


The Essential Light Jacket


This Tomorrowland jacket has been in my closet for years now! I found it super cheap in the Saks sale, but have yet to find it online. While it might not be online, there are many similar options to fulfill any of your transitional jacket fantasies and aspirations. I wore this one over a cashmere sweater from A Days March, and before you comment about the cashmere, wait! I’ll go more into detail with that later. This type of jacket is a good wardrobe essential since it has some versatility! Paired with pants or some super distressed denim shorts, this will always be a look.

Side note: I held citrus in front of my face, what’s more Spring-y than that?

Oh-So Boujee Summer-Weight Cashmere

This summer-weight cashmere cardigan has been my biggest splurge as of late. I bought it for my upcoming trip to Paris because I figured how wrong could this classic possibly go? Since then, it’s become a favorite. I’m listing cashmere in transitional spring pieces because I’ve found it to be so breathable. This type of item is really beneficial when you’re tired of wearing the same coats and jackets you wore all winter. On a colder spring day, throw another sweater underneath it or, referenced earlier, a long sleeve graphic tee. Another tip with any type of cardigan is to leave the top and bottom buttons unbuttoned. This will give you the really trendy cool and slouchy look.


Let Your Boots Carry You Through


Finally, a good pair of boots can be your transitional spring piece. I know you’re thinking boots can be too much in warm weather, but I’m here to erase that feeling! I have so many pairs of Doc Martens, but I chose these Chelsea ones to switch it up from my go-to black ones. Clunky boots are great for everyone at almost all times of the year. They pair well with any type of denim pant or short, sundresses or even a suit. For this transitional piece, I definitely recommend throwing some color in the mix to really fit the spring aesthetic. In hindsight, I definitely could have added a brighter color, but the boots are carrying me through.

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