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A lot of you guys ask me all the time through direct message on Instagram what products I use, so I decided to do a quick little product lineup for those interested. Without any further ado, here's what I use daily. I also want to point out, ironically, I use all of these products in the bathroom, but I still managed to take some photos that sufficed my personal aesthetic. Maybe I just need to add some grain, right?


Le Labo takes a lot of the cake in this lineup! I'm obsessed with how the shampoo and conditioner make my hair smell. I have pretty oily hair, especially since I always have gel in my hair, so these work great and always leave my scalp and hair feeling clean. However, hair nourishment wise, I don't necessarily think if you have super dry hair these are the ones for you. They could possibly dry your hair out. 

Next, we have my one true love. A lot of people ask me how I keep my skin clear, and I always recommend the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser. I cannot swear by anything more. As soon as I started using it, I immediately started noticing a difference in my skin. Not only did I have less pimples, but I started to see a more even complexion. It's also works as a makeup remover. I have 4 unopened cleansers in my cabinet if it's any indicator how much I love the product. I come prepared, what can I say?

Then we have moisturizer. I'm sure all of you have your own, but I still recommend both. I use the Aveeno a ton in the summer because it has built in sunscreen. Something about using it always leaves me with such a glow in the summer while still tanning my face (in the slightest bit. I know everyone wants their face to not be as tan). The Aveeno is my go-to when I get ready in the morning, but if I shower at night, I use the .Grey product. It feels super light, but super moisturizing at the same time. For those of you who suffer from razor burn too, I use a ton of moisturizer after I shave and just leave it on the area where I shaved. This isn't a foolproof method, but it really helps me cut down from redness.  


You guys caught me in a lie, I don't use this one everyday, but it is a part of the weekend routine or anytime I'm going to something where I'm wanting to feel extra "on." It's this Le Labo Bronzer. You just put a dime size amount in your hand with your moisturizer and apply. It totally gives the best natural tan for your face. It's great for any of those times in the Winter where you're taking photos, and you don't want to look pale as a ghost. 


What hair gel I use is probably the most asked question I get. I stand by my American Crew Forming Cream. I've used it since high school, and now I rarely try anything else. I put a quarter size amount in my hand and warm it up. Then, with partially wet shower hair, I rub it in throughout the top. Boom bada bing, that's it. I spend less than 10 seconds on my hair thanks to this little product. 

This is just a personal preference, but I always wear some type of parfum. My current favorites are Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Le Labo Another 13. I use Another 13 for the day as a more casual scent. It's actually amazing and it's my most complimented scent. For night and event type of scenarios, I wear the Tobacco Vanille. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I genuinely love it so much. 


These are not essentials but little extras that make the day fun. I live in Charleston, SC, and when it's Summer, I am the definition of a hot mess. The Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray is a life saver. Not only for your appearance, but for the refreshing feeling of cooling off after you've been outside in a "sauna." 

The final product is my L'occitane Lavender lotion. It smells divine (like lavender obviously) and is so nourishing if your hands or elbows are dry. It is oil based so a lot goes a long way. 

Some of the above links are affiliate links, However, I am not paid to post any of the above. This does not affect the price of the item for you as a customer, it just means a small percentage of the sale may go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support.

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