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The weather in Charleston this weekend has been SO amazing. So amazing, I documented my morning via daily vlog style but in a blog post - genius right (joke)? My best friend, Harlee, was off work for the day, and we really wanted to get out and about in the warm weather. We pretty much have a Subconscious routine of coffee then shopping. We walked away from the day empty handed, other than a pair of trousers and a headache from our coffee buzz. 

My absolute favorite coffee shop is Black Tap Coffee by far. If you're in Charleston, you must stop and visit and get an iced almond milk lavender syrup latte. Yes, I know that's about as extra as it comes but Black Tap is my favorite for a reason. They also have great, light, refreshing tea (Harlee's favorite). Coffee is always a go-to thing to do when I plan on having a fun or busy day. PSA I secretly like the weird buzzy feeling drinking coffee gives. Sue me!


Above: The prodigious beverage that is a product of the even more prestigious BT. 

Below: The sweetest dog was laying in the sun and living the life of a god. He was the hit of the coffee shop, honestly. 



If you've ever been on King St in Charleston, SC, you know there are shops but not a ton of options for men that fit my tastes. We started out with Club Monaco, but didnt find a ton of anything. This is my least favorite time to shop because selection is so sparse. It's the time of year where no store wants to stock too much of anything because Spring and warm weather is right around the corner. Anthropolgie was the next stop. No purchases were made but there was this affordable and quality cross-body bag almost made the cut for Harlee. The bag is so cute and perfect for Spring and is somewhat trendy with the metal handles. Next, we hit up the H&M only to find the same "problem" of low stock. Finally, was a quick stop in Urban Outfitters where I found these track pants. I plan on wearing them with 2 or 3 buttons undone to give some of my Saint Laurent Boot cleavage. That was all the shopping we did, but if you know me, you know we took photos a long the way. 


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