Tuesday Drinks

Hey guys! I'm sure we're all familiar with the o' so familiar feeling of "it's mid-week and I want to do something, but getting ready and leaving this house is a big no, not sorry." It's a feeling that is so easy to get used to and honestly follow through with on a daily basis. We all have Netflix, Youtube, or Hulu to watch so why not stay inside on during the week. You're spending less money too, right? Big no. Well, actually you are saving money, but the "it's mid-week and I want to do something, but getting ready and leaving this house is a big no, not sorry" feeling is detrimental to your mental health. So frequently I fall victim to being dormant in my apartment. There's always work to do, emails to write, a floor that needs a sweep. Everyday things really do keep you from going out during the week, but it's important not to let them! I'm not saying to go out every week night, possibly drinking too many vodka sodas, and who knows what else. But if you do every so often, it's friggin' okay. Breaking up the mundane of the norm work week can work wonders. My friend, Lily (Her insta) and I decided early on in the week to make some plans to do just that! We were able to shoot some of her new projects, some outfits of mine, and even have time to get a happy hour drink. A pretty bomb-ass Tuesday if you ask me. It's the random days that are so fun that inspire me. I've been feeling a little uninspired recently, too. There's not a lot of guy options in stores right now, and I'm honestly just not feeling anything I see. I feel like by simply going out and breaking up my everyday surroundings, I'm so much more inspired to create photo concepts, outfits, youtube videos, etc. While new clothes and finding new pieces isn't in the mix, it will be soon. Point blank, even if it's not new clothes you're dying to feel inspired by, you can still apply the concept and hopefully, see a shinier lining in the distance. 


Since I'm feeling unispired by new peices, there's no shop the look today! I'm sorry!

If you made it this far though, expect a new video tomorrow and Monday! 

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