I had a lot of free time this past week, which I feel like never happens but nonetheless, I wanted to do something really fun and tumblr-esque sans the angst. I felt like going to the beach with friends and bring a bottle or two of champagne would make the list of the most fun things I did this Spring. It was actually so fun despite the windy weather. No amount of sand could ruin our smiles or champagne.

I think it's so important to take time to do more that are considered more "unplugged." I should define my version of unplugged, though. I think being unplugged is more along the lines of being in nature and enjoying it to the best of your ability. A lot of people say to really have fun and be unplugged you need to lose the technology. I do think we could all spend a lot less time surfing IG and comparing our lives to others, but that for sure isn’t me saying I’m against having a camera or even a your phone in your hand at all times. I love having the ability to carry my phone with me everywhere. I’m the friend who is always taking photos and never deleting any of them. They’re memories to me, so I’m a strong fighter for the name of technology and being unplugged. I think both can work together perfectly. That’s another reason I love blogging. No matter where this blog goes, I think it’ll be so cool to look back years from now and see where I was and what I was thinking. I will cherish these photos forever and it's so nice to have this little moment I spent with my friends. Most importantly, getting out in nature is just pure therapy even if that means you have your iPhone camera ready for the perfect moment. That perfect moment for me was a 20 minute drive to the beach. 


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Here are some more photos for you guys and get out there and have fun!


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