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First off, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! Keep being bad ass women and fighting for all the communities you are a part of! Your work is inspiring to everyone.

I'm here today to bring a more practical look to you guys! Don't get me wrong, I do love a full on look, but sometimes you just want something comfy, warm, and appropriate for errands or class. Leggings, sweat pants, sweatshirts all come to my mind when I think of lazy looks, but there are more options for comfort! My friend, @heyneil, brought to my attention some Kurt Cobain inspiration. His cardigan, light jean, and band tee look is perfect on so many levels. Sure, it might not be the trendiest thing in the world, but it's practical and stylish. We figured out a formula: Cardigan + Band/Graphic Tee + Loose Jeans + Necklaces = Perfection. I'm sure we all have at least one cardigan, one band tee, and one necklace. They're all super trendy pieces, just not pinned together. With that in mind, any combination/color of the previous items should work fine, as each piece is easily a variable. 

I'm channeling his look by incorporating a big oversized cardigan with my Ramones tee from Urban Outfitters, then pulling it together with some simple gold necklaces (a theme in a lot of my posts as of late). To top that off, I'm wearing some high waisted dad fit jeans to ensure all the comfort possible and finishing it off with my Gucci mules! Every aspect of this outfit formula is so easy, and 100% recommend for all those casual days. 





Band/Graphic Tee




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