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I'm back to inform you if you didn't already know, warm weather came and teased us then went right back. With another little cold spell here in Charleston, I figured it would be a great time to bring out a one of my newest turtlenecks from A Days March. The color totally gives me Spring vibes, but it keeps me warm in this last little bit of cold weather. 

A great way to get past the last bit of cold weather is wearing the same winter silhouettes but just in spring colors. How ingenious? Take this sweater for instance, it's totally a cold weather piece, but the color makes it perfect to pair with these white archies brogues from Grenson along with these khaki pants I thrifted. On the other hand, I could wear the same turtle neck with black wool pants and a trench or any long coat to make an outfit perfect for winter. I've found so much solace in these types of transitional pieces since they can be cheap but will last you through parts of winter and spring (or more pricey if you're into investing into clothes). I've linked a lot of options that I think would be similar to the concept I'm going for. 

P.S. Looking into the future, (too much in the future, I know), but you can do this with your summer and fall clothes as well. 

P.S.S. The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time. Hope you get it. 


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I listed a lot with a ton of different color options! Essentially, any of these pieces could be paired with boots and a coat for a winter outfit. They could also be paired with some light denim and sandals and make it spring appropriate! 

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