10 Bathing Suites for Under $50


We’re probably all wondering when exactly summer will come, along with tan skin, holidays, and bright colors. But what about when can we start shopping for full-on summer pieces? Is it okay to start buying linen or sun dresses? More importantly, what about bathing suits? The verdict is yes, you can. Now is a perfect time to start stocking up on some summer staples. It’s also when you’d get the best pieces before they’re picked over. Topshop/Topman both have some great ones that are sure to please any swimsuit notion you’ve conjured up over the current state of weather aspirations. ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Zara were all doing the same thing for me too. It seems as if the designers are in the same thought process as the rest of us in thinking hypothetically for some spring/summer weather. I’ve listed some of my favorite bathing suits from high-street brands that are under $50 below. 


I've added some solids to the line-up of men's suits. They're a go-to for me and make for a really casual look that doesn't draw too much attention if you're more skittish when it comes to trunk wear. There's also 3 pairs of striped for any type of nautical situational dressing. Let's take the boat out, anyone? And finally, I threw in some pairs with prints for you guys that love the make a statement. There's also a pair with rivets that is sure to get you in some type of grungey vibe. 


I will say I'm a bit partial to one piece bathing suits, despite a lot of people still not being on board with them. It doesn't hurt to try them out though? Lot's of coverage means less sunburn so win-win. These all have a fun spin on them wether it be rivets, color, or pattern. I'm personally loving the leopard or the yellow two-piece as some summer staples that will make you look extra cool and tan. 

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