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It's that time where we all start itching to shop for something new to eclipse all our winter scaries. Maybe it's a lot of random little things to add to our summer wardrobe or maybe it's an investment piece that is sure to go with everything but still has a little something about it. If you're into the later of those two options, I've went through the Acne Studios website and found the best accessories and men's/women's pieces. 


I've added a lot of sunglasses because let's be real, Raybans are great but everyone and their mom has a pair. It's really fun to save up a little more and get a pair of sunglasses that few people will have. There's some cat-eye options and so many color options on Acne. I'm sure at least one pair will look great on you. Pro-tip: since I'm fair skinned and blonde, black frames are always too heavy on me. They seriously throw everything off. If that's you, try some colored lenses or even clear. The brown, mint, and pink frames below are sure to look way better on me than the black ones. I then added the trucker hat because a cute, wearable hat is essential for everyone. Wether it be to the gym or the beach, why not look extra cool? Finally, there's an Acne bag for those of you dying to add a new bag to your collection. 

Men's Pieces

Light colors is the name of the game for me this Spring/Summer, so I added a lot of options that I think are modern with a bit of a vintage twist. First, we have an amazing pair of leather sandals. I think these will just look better with age, so it's a win win situation. Next, and my most current purchase, is the shoe with the Velcro straps. A bit of nurse aesthetic, no? I also picked some light denim. I love the way light denim makes an outfit look instantly cool and maybe even a bit Parisian if you're willing to take it that far. Then there are some layering peices for when it's a bit chilly at night or if it's a windy beach day. I love the loose knit jumper (I've acquired 3 loose knits already. Someone stop me.) The cornflower blue blazer is also stunning with a striped shirt and light denim. Get the vibe?

Women's Pieces

Acne had a ton of women's items that I absolutely loved. I did throw in some chilly day stuff because the colors on all the layering pieces were incredible and so versatile. The pink sweatshirt is so street style but could instantly be transformed with some gold necklaces, cut-off denim shorts, and heeled mules. Speaking of mules, a pair of red or pink mules can for sure take you through Spring and Summer and possible more? They are the shoes that're made for walking. Perhaps a pop of yellow is what you need. I'm loving the lemon yellow color that's used in a lot of high-street brands. Finally, I picked the cream of the crop when it comes to bottoms, wether you need something fancy or laid-back. There are two skirts that can make any t-shirt look instantly chic. Just tuck it in and bada boom bada bing.

Some of the above links are affiliate links, However, I am not paid to post any of the above. This does not affect the price of the item for you as a customer, it just means a small percentage of the sale may go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support.

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