Investment Pieces


Have you guys ever wondered why some people spend so much on one designer item, but then there's other people who will go drop major cash at Forever 21 or any other fast fashion stop? Today, I'm talking about exactly that! Should you invest in certain pieces or pick up a lot of those "quick" pieces. If you have a limited budget like me, then I think it's important to realize which pieces should be splurged on versus which should be quick fixes or additions to your closet. Often times, I get carried away with wanting certain designers' new thing, but then I ask myself the important question of the day - do I really need this? The truth is, every fast fashion store has some copy of that designer piece you've been eyeing that you can buy. However, there are certain pieces that I feel the need to invest in and I wanted to take you through my thought process. Below, I've made a collage of this outfit to the left. Here's the twist, one is all designer and the other is more along the lines of topshop/topman and asos. For the most part, my outfits are all somewhere in between. I try to buy key pieces to carry me through season after season, but then choose trendy things from the highstreet to jazz up the said designer item. 

Investment Pieces

So the key items here, I'd say, are the blazer, shoes, denim. A quality blazer to last you is essential! They literally look so good with almost any outfit and with some trendy accessories, you can have a really fresh, updated look. Then I'd say a quality pair of sneakers would be something else to invest in. They look better and wear better. Point blank. Lastly, a quality pair of jeans! I will say, though, Levis are a great option if you're looking for a reasonably priced quality pair of denim. With designer denim, there is a lot more options when it comes to "crazier" fits. 

Quick Pieces

Jewelry, belts, and tees are pieces that can easily be found on the high street for a great price. This is where I wouldn't buy numerous blazers, but instead just choose one beautiful quality one. On the other hand, designer jewelry and belts are way expensive simply for the logo. The highstreet offers a lot of genuine leather and real gold options that are a fraction of the price, and possibly longer-lasting?


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