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As I write this blog post, I feel like I'm recommending a fashion faux pas. That's not stopping me from galavanting around town in my socks and loafers though. Yes yes, I know it's usually socks and sandals that get the dirtiest of looks, but I also got my fare share of devil eyes. I'm not sure why it's not being embraced by more people today, but that's why I'm here - to encourage you to look stylish as hell in your socks and loafers. I put together 3 looks that I think look great while showing off your sock collection. I didn't opt for any patterns but if you're a pattern connoisseur, definitely add those pattern socks to the look. Also, if you're a regular viewer of my Instagram stories, you might've seen me post some style inspiration photos that featured the socks and shoes combo. 

Look #1

Our first look is one I thought was quite Parisian. A classic Comme Des Garcons striped tee with my vintage Levis and an artist smock is a vintage look like no other for men and women. I paired it with my Gucci Loafers and just some plain white tube socks. This is a great look for any type of daytime outing. The loose denim and casual tee are so comfortable and movable allowing you to do almost anything.


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Look #2


The second outfit I put together is still somewhat minimal. I paired a blue t-shirt sweater from Topman with some of my thrifted plaid pants. Then, I threw my grey Uniqlo duster on top. In the theme of keeping it simple (somewhat), I added light purple socks stuck with my go-to Gucci loafers. Surprisingly, the neutral colors worked out perfectly complementing each other. If you're trying to emulate the look, be sure to play around with colors in your closet! Keeping clean and simple silhouettes allows you to play more with color. 





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Look #3

Now to my final look where I opted for socks and loafers. I'm not one to be super preppy; I even stray away from button-up's most of the time. However, that won't keep me away from a cricket sweater. I actually got this particular sweater ages ago on Black Friday at Ralph Lauren and have kept it ever since. If you have the funds to splurge, I 10/10 recommend buying this classic style from a quality retailer instead of a fast fashion store. The rest of the look was pretty simple! I paired up a black tee with some vintage black denim, and like all the other looks, socks and loafers. I linked the same white socks above, so feel free to go back if you're wanting more details on where to get them. Finally, I added 3 of my favorite necklaces. I always recommend buying and saving for real gold jewelry (even plated works.) I just hate whenever I've bought a cheaper piece and it will tarnishes after a few wears. That's why I never spend the $10 or $15 on something that won't last me more than a few wears. 

A final note: If you made it this far, you can thank me for not including "knock your socks off" at any point in this post. 


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