Spring Hasn't Sprung

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like at this point in the year, we're all starting to get tired of our winter clothes.  I looked into Spring trends only to still be empty handed in ideas of what I could start buying. I even looked at buying more pieces for the Winter season. While there might be pieces out there, I haven't found them.  The stagnancy is leading to dreams of Spring. Which has led me to think of Spring break, then about the clothes, the bathing suits, and then the beach, and so on and so on. To fill this itch for warmer weather and anything Spring related, I chose a pastel palette for most of the outfits I wore the last few days! 

Look #1



I kept lots of neutrals and pastels throughout all of the outfits, but I think this might be my favorite. I paired one of my favorite COS tees with another great overcoat from COS. Still riding with the checks, I matched some of the pinker tones in my pants with the tone in my tee. & Because every outfit needs a little something, I went for patent leather doc martens and three necklaces: a vintage cross, one from Louis Vuitton and a vintage chain. 

Protip: If you're family is okay with it, ask about any old jewlery they might have. My grandparents love when I ask about their stuff and always end up wanting me to keep it. It's a great way to get a beautufl peice and hear an even better story about their past. 


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Look #2

My favorite part of look #2 are the shoes. The shoes! THE SHOES! Grenson has some of the best platform brogues, and I've had my black pair for awhile now. I'm sure you guys have seen these in previous posts before. I'm just carrying the message of Grenson's amazing shoes, but yes, I was gifted these pair of Archies. Continuing with the look, I'm calling all magpies because I kept all the necklaces. Who doesn't love some shiny? The rest of the outfit is actually from Zara and was all on sale when I got them, except the pants.


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Look #3


The final look was a bit Gucci inspired. I love all of their motifs as of late. This sweater in particular is from Anthropolgie. I got it a year or so ago, so I wasn't able to find it, but I did find some just-as-quirky substitutes. It also is mostly wool, so I put the white shirt under it hoping to protect my skin. I ended up loving how the collar popped out of the mock-neck. Keeping with a pastel-ish theme, I paired my Uniqlo Coat as well as my $5 dickies sale jeans. Of course, I topped it off with my new Grensons. They're linked above if you're wanting to get more details about their make and etc. 

Peep the sassy as hell women's option I linked below. 


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