Sporty Spice

I feel like I'm not one to usually dress super street style or the sporty look (Yeezy, Vetement, Fear of God, etc.), but this is a look that brings a certain essence from those designers. Before I go into the look, keep in mind I'll link similar items at the bottom of the page. 


I chose to match the stripe down my Zara pants with my Topman Suede Bomber. For one, the stripe down the side automatically gives a sporty street look, but I also feel the bomber does. While bombers might not be super trendy, they're a staple piece that is almost never out of style. After basing my outfit off the color play of those two items, I decided I want to "smarten" it up a bit. Thus, I added a 70's inspired Cos sweater with 3 stripes of color with my Grenson Archie shoes. Color matching/blocking is a great way to put together outfits when you don't know what to pair a certain piece with. It almost always looks purposeful and makes you look somewhat stylish. Take for instance, the all black look. While this isn't what I was going for, it's definitely along similar lines. Another great thing about this type of styling is this outfit can be super casual or dressed up. So often people take an all sporty streetwear looks and exchange one piece of it with something smart for an automatic dressier outfit. 

Side note: I added a Parisian Vogue because how cool?



I personally love all the bright colors here. It's a great way to find a staple piece for your everyday wardrobe and to try color blocking if you're up to it. It's also a plus most of these items are on sale since we're in a big sale season. 


A lot of these items are sale this time of year so be sure to check them out! All the deep colors are perfect colors for the winter. 

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