The Story of My Saved Folder

I'm taking some major inspo from this article on Man Repeller, today. After reading the post, I started to think about what exactly my saved photos said about me and my thoughts while collecting them to the relatively new feature. Like the article said, after removing yourself from the app, you realize your favorite photos were not taken for or of you, so what's the point? Obviously, we all love good content, but do the saved photos have a connection with one another? Is it the start of building an aesthetic, or even finding your indentity? While this may be a stretch, I don't think it's wrong to believe we are shaped by our surroundings. In today's time, aren't we all surrounded by social media? Boom. I rest my case. Whether this is bad or good, let's explore my little saved folder and uncover some magical meanings of some of my favorite photos I've seen on Instagram. 



I saved this for pure aesthetic reasons. Hell, I hate grapefruit, but this is just a pure vibe. I'm trying to think of where or what I was doing when I clicked the save option on this one. Almost 100% sure I was dreaming of some cafe I haven't been to. I can almost see the killer Parisian outfits.  

Good morning to this cup of espresso only

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This one is straightforward. I need a new haircut. Preferably somewhere between this and Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell. Summer blonde highlights, anyone? I'm for sure wanting to switch it up this Summer and have some fun. Hopefully, it won't be anything too drastic. I'm only trying to turn a few heads. 

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Oh what I'd do for freckles and a smile like this. I had to log this one because the pure joy from this little angel is the only way I'm trying to be this Summer! Maybe I'll get some rosy cheeks in the process.


Men with bags? #love It's 2018 and time to get over stigmas around fashion. Can I get an amen? Also, I'm loving the chicness of layering but with no sleeves. Maybe this will be the perfect look. I mean, it looks breezy, no sleeves, and you can shed a layer. 


Straw hats are currently speaking to me. Honestly, they're yelling at me. If you follow my instagram, I'm sure you've noticed.  I'm dying to get my hands on one that's a little nicer than the current one I have. This could possibly be why I pinned (not to be confused with Pinterest actions) the grapefruit and espresso. I might not be the typical French Riviera type, but honey, I can try. 

Living the dream ☀️🖤

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Another trend I can't quite get over. Checks. I am still dying to get my hands on a matching suit set. However, no ordinary set. I'm thinking this one from Maison Margiela will do just the trick, or maybe even some classic preppy realness from Thom Browne.


I've also been eyeing any indoor space. I move apartments at the end of July, and I am dying to buy furniture and decor. I'm loving the vibe below so much, I've even started including more natural tones in my wardrobe. I want all black still, but brown and cognac are slowly creeping into my closet and, possibly, my house. 


O' how days in the sun thrill me. I'm 100% down to recreate a similar photo, maybe even add a bottle of Veuve for the extra panache. Now, I just need to expedite my summer body regime and a speedo. We'll see how this one goes, but don't be on the lookout! 

Luego me quedé dormido al sol 😬

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Here is some more decor inspo. I mean come on, why is my current situation not like this? I'll take everything and add a plant or two. I also never thought I'd love this much brown. I'm sure I can't get any of these items, but it's posts like this that keep me on top of my "Wayfair shopping" game. 

Home ✨ @boconceptfrance #sofa

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The final of my saved photos has come. I obviously have many, many, many more, but all I have to say about this one is, Ciao Bello!


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I've come to the conclusion, our saved Instagram photos definitely resemble some aesthetic or lifestyle we are striving for or love the idea of. Mine, in particular, say that I am a fashion lover who wants to go to school for interior design and do all my homework in a Parisian cafe, all while pretending I like grapefruit. What does your saved folder say about you?