5 Parisian Inspired Summer Essentials

I've recently been so inspired by the "vintage, French" persona, and when I say inspired, I mean obsessed. I'm constantly looking at furniture, magazines, and blogs that all emulate the feeling of Parisian. One of my favorites currently is NYC Bambi and Adenorah. I'm not going anywhere too crazy this summer, so aspirational dressing is fulfilling the longing, if I'm being honest. I've looked high and low everywhere for my favorite french-inspired pieces, and I found my favorite investment and high-street options for you guys. (Women and Men, YAS!) I can also say, the thrift store is an amazing place to find some really cool items for this vibe! There's so many romantic tops, silk, linens, and vintage leather shoes to be found! 


Sunday plan 🌸

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Men's Investment Option 

You guys will notice I have a lot of neutral options in the mix! Khaki and natural always look good with any leather and will go with almost any piece in your current wardrobe! A great pair of swimmies with a beach bag is also perfect to carry a bottle of champagne to the French Riviera beach you're dreaming of. Can you feel the sand in your toes?

Women's Invest Option

A beautiful top that can be worn to the beach and out at night is a must for any mademoiselle. The cover up/blouse pairs perfectly with staple heals or a beaded bag. There's a gold coin, of course. 

Men's High-Street Option

There are also many lower end options that are great additions for your wardrobe and can be more useable than some items I listed above! Dad jeans for instance, they will always look amazing with sneakers or sandals and a black belt. Tuck any shirt in and you immediately look cool. 

Women's High-Street Option

Lots of high-street brands are also going for a Parisian chic vibe! They have gorgeous romantic tops in many colors as well as some puffy-sleeve-dress-of-your-dream realness. Don't forget to pick up the perfect beach to drinks bag. 

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