How to Define Your Personal Style

I want to start this post by posing a few questions:

  1. When does personal style become lost within trends?
  2. How many personal styles can you have?
  3. Is it possible to have your ideal style throughout your life?

I’m not really sure where I want this to go, but I drove back to Charleston today and the whole way home I kept thinking about my personal style and how to find it. I first started wondering about incorporating trends in with personal style. While I do think it can be done well, I question how well until it’s no longer your style. Take for instance cat eye sunnies, they’re chic and I stan them hardcore, but are they really anyone’s (besides Hepburn) own style? I’m hoping this is making sense because I’m finding it hard to put my thoughts into words. Another example of trends vs. personal style for me is gingham. I absolutely love anything gingham and I think it is very my style - kind of granpa-y. Would I still love it if gingham wasn’t so damn trendy? I think I would but who knows. 

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I, then, started wondering about all the different styles I’ve assimilated into my wardrobe and the ones I aspire to incorporate. I love the simple, classic Parisian style, but I can’t say I don't love a good street fit from Urban either. The two styles don’t go together and I don’t want to mix them either. I love them both differently in their own way, yet I still want a solid idea of my personal style. I also think about seasonal dressing. I totally tame it way down in the summer. It’s so bloody hot, there’s no way I can wear certain outfits. Pants are even a struggle in the south during the summer. If you saw me in the winter though, expect a look

My mind decided to change gears and think about style icons. A perfect example is Anna Wintour. Her style has evolved so much and she is still iconic. Her style evolved, but was always her. I don’t know how to do that. Point blank. My mind is always chasing the next thing or wanting to incorporate something different. Yes, we’re young and Anna has had more time to perfect her craft, but that still won’t stop me from trying to fulfill Wintour style aspirations. 


I’ll finally wrap this up and say, style is always evolving. I don’t think personal style is so much a thing as simply wearing what you love. When you find pieces that speak to you, you’ll keep them for as long as you can. Eventually, a closet full of clothes and shoes that make your heart sing will become your personal style. Guess I better go through my closet and see which pieces start talking to me. Pun intended. 

PS. Don’t let age or body type stop you from wearing the garments you love. It’s 2018.