5 Most Worn Items

So i've been writing down a ton of ideas for post on the blog and for my Youtube channel, and I'm especially pumped to be writing this one. I looked and went through my closet and found my top 5 most worn items. These are all the things I couldn't live w/o (joking). A lot of them are investment pieces, so don't feel like they're as much of a must in your closet as they are mine. I can say though, I have gotten my fair share of uses with these items and the cost per wait is low. I linked as much as I was able to incase you guys want to shop anything! 



I cannot take this Louis Vuitton necklace off! My mom brought it back for me from the LV in Paris in November, and it's become an every day staple for me. I wear it to class, to dinner, going out, literally everywhere. I'm not sure the metal composititon, but I am able to say, it has yet to tarnish! 


The mules. The Mules. The Gucci Mules. I am still as obsessed with these as when I bought them the first time I tried them on. They're a go-to for me and I think they look good yer round. What's better? They're extra quirky with some wild socks, or you can dial them down by wearing shorts and a band tee. 




With every most-worn item, there's a reason you can't take it off! This particular Zara one is a favorite because of how thin it is! It was the perfect transition sweater and can be worn in so many ways. Sometime's I wear it with work out shorts for a comfortable house look, but I also tuck it in pants for more of a day-look. 


Did you really think a classic black belt wouldn't be on the list? This vintage Brooks Brothers belt goes perfectly with my mules so DUH! Any type of belt can add so much to an outfit, wether it's casual or formal. A belt, band tee, and jeans always looks so cool and vintage. On the other hand, I nice printed shirt with some wide-legged trousers looks super Parisian. 





Finally, I've listed my most worn jeans. The pockets on these Eckhaus Latta jeans speak to me. The might not be the best for keeping your items secure, but they look fun as hell. Maybe unique pockets are going to be "so next season." The dad fit is a sure fire way to ensure maximum comfort. 

I couldn't find a similar sweater! I'm sorry!

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