A Look For Under $20: Goodwill

So I already posted the youtube video of the mini vlog and outfit under $20 look book, but I wanted to make a little blog post as well just to stress the idea of how you can still be stylish without a maxed out credit card. Yes, yes, I am guilty of wanting designer items more often than not, but if you take the time, you're sure to find just as many cool gems at a fraction of the cost! I've used a lot of posts already to talk about my love of thrifting, but with a video attached to the bottom, I figured this bit of evidence could solidify my thoughts and "proclamations." 

Are you guys into thrifitng or is it just me? I'm so obsessed with going into finding new life for everything, including furniture. I've just recently moved into a new apartment, and with all the new space, I've been scouring everywhere trying to find some unique second-hand pieces. 

Timothy KellyComment