4 Tips to Keep Your Skin in Check

I'll start off by saying the following tips are 100% my opinion, but I have tried them and I've gotten enough compliments on my skin to think they're a pretty solid bunch. I'm going to be focusing on taking care of your facial skin, but lots of these tips can be applied to your entire body. After all, skin is just skin. 

1. Eat Avocados

I know you can only eat so much of something, and excess is just as bad, but I fully believe avocados have become a pivotal part in my skin regime. I try to eat at least 3 a week, no matter what. The natural fat is so amazing for your body, and it really leaves my skin with a glowy look. In my opinion, the effects of 3 avocados a week are not seen all at once. This is a tip that you'll have to work into your routine to really see the results. 

2. Moisturizer with Sunscreen

I'm a firm believer in moisturizers with added sunscreen. If you're not using a moisturizer with UV protection, please go get some! It's the absolute best and your less-than wrinkled face will thank me a few years down the road. I use the Olay total effects , but it's not necessary to get this particular one. I also recommend using lotion everyday after the shower, but I won't go into too much detail since this post is "face" oriented. 

3. Sunscreen All Day, Every Day

Cover your body in sunscreen after you moisturize. It will prevent cancer, wrinkles, and so much more. I know a lot of you guys will skip over this one, so with that in mind, do not skip sunscreen when you lay out. 

4. Water Water Water

I left this tip for last because I can't think of a more obvious one. Never drink too much (Although, isn't that nearly impossible), but space out enough water throughout the day to keep you hydrated. Not only will your body and mind thank you, but your skin should too! Tons of water is the #1 way I've been successful in combating acne. I had bad acne growing up and tried the dermo plenty of times, but once I started running frequently and needing all the water, my acne started to clear up. 

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