House Plants Sans Green Thumb

As a lot of you guys know, I just moved into a new house. I moved from a tiny apartment to a much bigger house in downtown Charleston, but this time I have 3 other roommates! With all this new found space, I decided to fill it with house plants and possibly pick up a new hobby. I read a lot about how taking care of anything is good for your mind. Not to mention, I'm always down to learn about our earth and take care of it. It doesn't really correlate, but I'm really trying to be more eco friendly and take the small steps in helping out our big, beautiful Earth! You guys should look into it as well, but back to the post about my house plants! I kind of feel like all of mine scream "I"M A MILLENNIAL!!!" Nonetheless, they're becoming a part of my home, and I love them all dearly. I took some small ones from my old apartment, and my roommates have added some of their own. If you know the names of some of them, drop a comment! I'm so new with plants, so any help or advice is much appreciated. With that being said, this isn't really a guide or anything like that. It's simply a new plant dad showing off his new babies. Click on any of the images for a little tidbit, and to see which ones I need help with!