My New Hobby: Not Doing Anything


As I’m writing it’s dawning on me,  it’s my last week of summer. I’m very excited to start a new school year and take on all the new challenges that it brings. I also know how stressful it can be for most students, no matter the year they’re in. It is for me too. I wanted to share some of the new “art forms” I’ve been practicing and getting into, hobbies if I may. Firstly, I’ve been obsessed with house plants. I’ve acquired quite a few at this point, and I’ve even wrote a blog post on them. My affinity at this point is quite obvious. I think learning about new things is one of the best ways to use my time. That’s why I’m wanting to start using some film. With the weather about to begin cooling off, I always take more photos. Adding some genuine film photos  is my next acquisition. I’m not really sure how to load film, use a film camera, or even have them developed and scanned. Nonetheless, I’m excited to start putting some of my time towards it. Hopefully there will be a youtube video or a blog post on film coming to you soon. We’ll see. Finally, my newest “art form” has spawn from reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. It is a book I cannot get over. I think it literally speaks to every generation. I’m not going to talk so much about the contents of the book, but more how I’m implementing it and how it’s helped. I’m the type of person who isn’t hurt by major things, it’s the little things that cut deep. Not being invited to things, someone not saying hi, etc, etc. You guys get the point. These are all things that really get under my skin and hurt my feelings. Here’s the realization, stop giving a f*ck as Mark Manson would say. It’s obvious and easier said then done, but incorporating this saying in my everyday life has made SUCH a difference. When you step back and see if you, your family, and your friends are healthy and okay, you kind of realize not being invited to the party some of your friends went to is really, really okay. It’s kind of a long story short, but not giving a f*ck is one of my newest and favorite hobbies I’m getting into. You should too! 

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