So often I find myself and my friends always looking for something to pull an outfit together- whether it be the perfect pair of shoes, the right jacket, or even something as simple as a piece of jewelry. I’m always searching for style inspo via Instagram, blogs, websites- you name it. That’s how I found Hart. While I might not wear earrings, I do know when I see an amazing pair. It’s even better when the designer is local, like myself. Hart is a designer in Charleston, South Carolina, and if you wanted to meet a badass—you’ve found her. I was recently able to stop by her studio where we were able to chit-chat about everything. There was no topic left uncovered, including a discussion about her footwear, an amazing pair of Golden Goose Sneakers you can find here. I got the back story on these shoes and how they were her go-to rave shoe on her trip to Berlin. ANYWAY, Hart's brand, Hart, has a few inspirations, the main two being Shanghai and 70’s style icon Jimi Hendrix. You might be thinking these are completely different, right? Even so, the earrings, jackets, and necklaces Hart sells create a wonderful blend of both iconic styles.  

Hart started making her own earrings whilst living in Shanghai and soon after moved to NYC. She noticed women constantly stopping her on the street asking her where they were from, which sparked an idea: Why not start selling them? (Note: first few batches of earrings were made in her NYC apartment. How cool?) We discussed how scary the times might be, but how waking up and getting ready can just simply be fun and inspiring. Hart’s earrings remind me how much I love fashion.There is so much joy in dressing yourself, and I think Hart’s earrings can be anyone’s pièce de résistance of their outfit. While in Charleston, grabbing a pair of Hart’s earring is a must! Be sure to check out Hart's wide array of colors and silhouettes on her website, here!

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