3 Days in San Francisco

I think it’s pretty apparent I took a small break from weekly blogging and posting YouTube videos, but I’m happy to say I think the hiatus had ended. It was unintentional, but taking a break sort of just happened. It really worked out with midterms and other “life things” thankfully. I’m not really wanting to continue YouTube for the minute, simply because of the time commitment. Video wise, I think I’ll just post on YouTube when I feel inspired to create content. Also, I don’t want to spend too much time talking about taking a break or any negativity because a part stepping away was coming back more positively. Granted, I know there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a moment when you need it, but in my moment, I decided that there’s a time to reflect and release your feelings and there’s a time to be positive and get moving. SOO I’m choosing the latter, and that means giving a little walk through of the absolutely amazing time I spent in San Francisco and the Napa Valley with Speck.

Day 1

The first day I woke up at 4 am to catch a flight to San Francisco. After about 5 hours of flying with a layover, I finally made it! I dropped the my Speck bags off at the hotel, Hotel Vitale, then I met up with everyone in the lobby. We headed over a block to the Marlowe where I had the BEST brunch. I’m from a brunch city (Charleston), but this place was the real deal. Thankfully, champagne was waiting along with almost one of everything from the menu. I legit felt like I was in heaven. Next, we headed over to some docks near Alcatraz. We hopped on a boat that would somewhat embody our time in SF for the next two days. It was called “Wine Therapy.” Too fitting, honestly. It was so cold on the water, but we all braved it and saw the Golden Gat Bridge from so many different angles. Next, we went to Candytopia to find some more of our inner child and induce a slight sugar-coma. Afterwards, we had some down time in the hotel to get ready for our dinner that night. I edited some photos, and also made a coffee while enjoying an absolutely stunning view of the Bay Bridge which I mistakenly called the Golden Gate Bridge in my instastories. 2 hours later we boarded an uber and headed to Che Fico. There’s a menu in the photos underneath that shows you just how spoiled we were. Looking back, it’s a good thing my jeans were not super snug. Between the wine and food, I needed all the give I could get. That leads me to the outfit. I chose to go for a comfy tee and a blazer to be somewhat comfortable on the plane. I know jeans aren’t always the most comfortable, but I chose a looser pair so it worked. My acne sneakers made all the walking a breeze, so I’d say overall this is a great go-to travel outfit that is SO easy to replicate. 


Day 2

The next day was our busiest day! I started off just wearing my hoody to keep warm, and I brought the same blazer incase it turned even chillier. Paired with my sneakers and Eckhaus Latta jeans, I found a mix that couldn’t be beat. It worked for the first part of the morning. We stopped at Boulettes Larder for an amazing french breakfast, but I forgot to take a photo. It was that overwhelming in the best way possible. Afterwards, we went to the Palace of Fine Arts, and I felt like I was in a different country. The buildings were exquisite. The Napa Valley was our next stop. On the way there, we stopped at a lookout to the Golden Gate Bridge to snap the quintessential tourists photos. I lost the blazer at this point because it was staring to get so hot. Everyone was saying it was unusually hot for the time, and that’s just my luck. I never get to escape the Charleston heat until it’s winter for everyone in the country. I also realized we were heading to Napa where it’s even hotter. I lost the hoodie for my R13 tee I got at their SS19 show, and I borrowed a friend on the trip’s free people hat for a pièce de résistance. This outfit was perfect for the weather at our first stop in Napa, Cuvaison Winery. We tried two whites and three reds. I’m definitely a white wine person (specifically chardonnay or pinot), but all of the wines were so unique and flavorful. We snapped some photos with our full glasses, then headed to Carnero’s Resort and Spa. We were able to relax once we got there, so a few of us changed and went to explore with our cameras. I knew we were going to a cave dinner that night so I tried to dress slightly warmer. I ended up going with my Polo Cricket sweater for a true Napa look. We headed to Rutherford Hill Winery for the cave dinner and wine tasting. At this point in the trip, my stomach was so full with all things good, so I was relatively slow to eat or drink anything. Afterwards, we loaded up the party bus to head back to Carnero’s and check out the bar. After a few drinks, we all stumbled to the pool where we enjoyed the hot tub. It felt like a surreal movie, but we finally wrapped it up and went to bed!


Day 3

If you made it this far and are expecting an adventure filled day, that’s not the case. I won’t speak for everyone else, but I definitely could feel the festivities of the night before. I had one to many drinks, but really quite a few too many. We all made our way to the lobby to find a meal ready for us. I was one of the last ones to make it, so some people had already eaten and were taking photos. Once we all gathered again, we boarded the bus and headed to SFO. It was so sad leaving all the great friends I made in just three days, but expect another trip with us all again soon!

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