A Day in DC

A lot of you guys know at this point about hurricane Florence. I’m not sure if it made international news, but nonetheless I evacuated to Washington DC for the weekend while I waited for the storm to pass. Thankfully my roommate has a ton of friends in DC, so it was the perfect place to visit for another short trip. At this point, I’m only taking weekend trips, and I’m not too mad about it. I will say, it makes me want to shop more for some reason. It could possibly be because I had yet to unpack from NYFW so options were limited. With that in mind, the below look is really the only one worth showing. Whoops. I know. I used the “cute” outfit sparingly and decided I’d wear it to the shops. I’m not sure where the shops are located, but they’re close to china town in DC. I primarily wanted to see what Vince, Burberry, and Gucci had. To my advantage there wasn’t much, and I was only tempted to buy a Buberry tee. Thankfully, I kept my wallet shut, and opted for an amazing coffee at Dolcezza.

Side note: I had clothes to wear out, but my going out outfits usually just include jeans with a tee tucked in. I like to keep it simple when there’s a lot of dancing involved and if it’s still warm out. I went out with some of my friends in DC, and so many of you guys came up and said hi! It was so great meeting so many of you.


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The shorts I’m wearing above are thrifted and then cut because I cannot find a cute pair of denim cut off shorts for men anywhere. I don’t recommend buying a new pair just to cut them, but if you just have to I found a similar wash.


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