St. Patrick's Day: CHS Edition

Let's jump right in. I did an edit on palm fronds that is just past this little story time and photos. The reason being, it was my green item for St. Patty's day. It might be a little later, but I'm giving you guys a little peak into my day. It's kind of like you're a fly on the wall. I wish you could've been there for the mimosas though. They were bottomless and we all could've spilt all the tea. I put all the photos in a collage to keep the blog readable and short, so if there's one in particular that tickles your fancies, just click it! The day started off unphotographed including lots of coffee and avocado toast. Cliche, yes, but simply amazing. That's my morning go-to. Then me and some friends (no photos just because I was trying to discreetly document without making people feel like they had to pose) went to a spot downtown called Sol. They have fresh squeezed mimosas, tex mex food, and the best blood orange margs. Then while we were eating, a Budlight car came blasting music. It was fun at first but progressively got more and more annoying. In the spirit of St. Patty we kept our smiles on, though. After brunch, we decided to walk king street and shop some. Always a good idea, right? I grabbed a new kind of sparkling soda water, Bubly. I'm usually a La Croix fan, but decided to try something new. This isn't comparable to La Croix in my opinion. It's more of like a Sprite without calories. Essentially, it has more lime flavor, but I don't feel like I'm drinking soda water. Thus, I'll probably rotate between the two since they're different tastes. It started pouring rain as we were trying to find a place to park, but luckily, I had a hooded jacket to save me. It's a Herschel one from Urban Outfitters. I'll try to find some similar pieces for you guys below. The rain let up and we stopped by UO, H&M, Worthwhile, Sephora, and Kate Spade. That was all of our King Street shopping, even though we left empty handed. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and I got a caramel macchiato from Starbucks and a canned coffee from La Colombe (one of my favorite's in NYC). Don't ask me why I felt the need for two coffees. Finally, I went back to my friends' house and said my goodbyes. Then I was off to drive back to Greenville for a few days! Nothing too crazy happened. 

Ps. I carried that damn soda everywhere, and I'm just realizing it since it's in almost every photo. 


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Also, I thought this was funny. Maybe too many mimosas?


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