Basic Kitchen: Charleston

Today, I'm coming at you with a quick post! One of my favorite restaurants and must-go-to's in Charleston is Basic Kitchen. It's my spot for literally any meal if I have the choice and is where I'd bring any friends visiting me here in the holy city. The ingredients are always so fresh and local, and not only that, the place is the definition of aesthetic with a vibe that is a perfect take on a bohemian retro restaurant. What more could you ask for when your stomach is full and your eyes are pleased?

Cody and I stopped by not too long ago for a quick snack and coffee. I was having one of those treat yourself type of days, so obviously why not? That in mind, I only have photos of the sweet potato fries, which were amazing and seasoned with the best array of stuff (for lack of a better word) and an equally delicious cappuccino, but I am able to vouch for a lot more of their food considering the obnoxious amount of times I've been. With a menu that is ever changing, you're sure to find something you will fall in love with and possibly get as hooked as I am. 

Now for the details that I know you're all wanting (just kidding) on my outfit and the restaurant. 




One of my favorite things about Spring and Summer is gingham. I know it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you pair it with something edgy like a band tee or some cut up denim, it will immediately be a killer outfit. If your climate warrants, leather would also look amazing. 

Food, Friends, and Freaking caffeine

(in no particular order of importance *wink wink*)


The setup.


I'm all about some wicker and foliage, you know. 


Now for a photo of the restroom. Awkward, I know, but it's so pretty I had to. 


There's also an outside patio area that is just as beautiful as the inside. 

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