Okay, lots to say, so let's jump right in! Since my trip was so short (Friday - Sunday morning), I didn't go to a ton of shows. The good thing about not going to a ton of shows, though, is the ability to really enjoy the ones you go to. Everyone is always rushing around during fashion week. Yes, lots of them have to go to certain events because they're job, blog, etc., but I had the chance to really sit back and enjoy the city in the middle of FW fashion week. One of my favorite parts is all the inspiration; there are so many cool people with even cooler outfits. I also had the chance to meet up with a ton of friends who I don't get to see often. You guys might recognize some familiar faces! If you don't care about the shows, just keep scrolling.

Trust me, there's more. 

The Shows


Chromat was absolutely stunning. I loved all the sporty shapes, colors, and silhouettes. Even better, they had CHEETOS. Models walked the runway with a snack size bag of cheetos, and there was even a neon light installation that was meant to look the delicious snack. Becca McCharen-Tran put in work. It really seemed like everyone was represented in the casting with models of, quite literally, every size and type. I felt so honored to have the oppurtunity to see so much beauty. 


Christian Cowan

First, if I do say, NYC loves Christian Cowan. I'm so obsessed with his tongue and cheek phrase, "NYC <3's Me." I will for sure be getting a piece that says that, and yes, I will be stomping around in it all day. I loved all the 2000-esque sequins in lots of his garments. He also featured neon lights on a blazer, coat, and a dress, which was so so so cool. The vibes were totally NYC bad ass doing their own thing 24/7. 

Ps. Lana Del Rey is wearing Christian Cowan on  L'Officiel USA' new cover. 


Claudia Li

Up next we have Claudia Li. This show was set in Spring Studios with a Manhattan view to die for. Li used radiant fabrics and bright colors juxtapose shearling and heavy wool pieces. She even used Swarovski rhinestone buttons to accent certain pieces. There was also a spectacular green suit along with metallics making for the most whimsical collection. 

Another Ps. Claudia Li was an intern for Lady Gaga's stylist. 


Flying Solo

Flying Solo was also a great show. The models totally crushed it with every step as the walked to the music. I love the concept of Flying Solo; a store that brings designers and consumer closer. They curate their shop in Soho with new, fresh, designer pieces, and best yet, the designers are the ones who work there selling their own clothing and accessories. 


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