Insane $16,000 Wishlist

Okay, so I've never done something that is so consumer-minded, but I really love the idea of doing an insane wish list that is all designer items. I'm vouching by saying it's a good way to see some trends for the upcoming Fall/Winter season, and we can search on the high street for more affordable alternatives. I can assure you guys I will, MAX, buy 2 or 3 things from this list. Most likely the cheaper ones at that! Nonetheless, I thought it'd be fun to show you some of my favorite pieces that I'd love to get my hands on if money wasn't in the picture. I'm really loving a lot of the western vibes Prada and CK is doing. I'll for sure being looking at Topman and Asos to find some of those items. True to form, there is a pair of checked pants. I've also aqquired an affinity towards anything PVC since I've purchased my CDG Shirt tote. What're your favorites for the upcoming season? Any trends you plan to follow?

Ps. These are in order of how badly I want them. 

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