Tips: Not Buying a New Wardrobe for Back to School

I’m not sure if it’s just happening to me right now, but I’m so bored with most of my summer clothes at this point. With that in mind, I’m super pumped to see some FW look books come out. It’s always exciting to see how places like Zara, Topman, or ASOS will style the FW trends. It’s  also back to school time, which means tons of shopping and retailers everywhere are gearing up for the busy months. I love back to school shopping, like most of us, so I was wanting to do a look book for my Youtube channel (plug: if you want to check it out, click the little youtube icon above to get to my channel). I scoured all the high street brands I could find, because I want to find some current pieces you guys could buy at an affordable price. Unfortunately, I found absolutely nothing. Everything I wanted was either out of my budget or just bad. Yes, I know we still have a ton of time for FW items to come out, and retailers are just now putting out some of the transitioning pieces. However, it kind of left me at a stump when it comes to a back to school look book. Then I started thinking about the positives because lets be honest, who doesn’t want to save some $$$ when they can? I didn’t really want to spend money on back to school clothing to begin with, especially since I’m bored with summer clothes and transitioning pieces we’re all being marketed. Besides, in the warm months, less is usually more. I’ve literally DIYed so much and they’re always the pieces you guys ask about. The point of today’s post is to put a middle finger in the air to buying new clothes that you don’t want for back to school and the transitioning period because a lot of times they simply suck. I’ll still do a back to school look book, but it’ll be mostly pieces I already have, and I plan on checking out Goodwill to see if they have anything I can DIY or that’ll fit in. In the meantime, I want to give you guys some tips on revamping your closet for the back to school period if you’re like me and not wanting to spend during this little transitioning season.


1. Cut up your pants.

 If you’ve worn a pair of pants to death and you don’t think you’ll miss their full length form, take some scissors to them! I’ve done this with old khaki pants and denim. The shorts in these photos are cut up denim from Goodwill. It’s super easy, and all you have to do is lay a pair of shorts that you like the length of on the pants for reference then start cutting. After a wash and dry, they should be good to go! Also, if you don’t like the cut edge look, just leave them a bit longer so you can roll them up twice. 

2. Undo a few buttons on your tired “formal” collar shirt and iron it

I don’t have a specific example that I’ve done because I do this so much! So all you have to do is maybe undo like 3 of the buttons on the shirt and pull the collar outwards. It’ll kind of look more like a revere collar shirt, which is always cool, and then iron and press it down. You can continue to iron until you think it’ll suffice. 


3. Always wear items in different ways

If you’re someone who is bashful about wearing the same items a lot, I have a solution for you! This one takes planning and a little bit more of an eye for putting outfits together, but it can be done. I always try to wear my items in different ways. What I mean by this is tucking in a shirt one time and wearing a belt, the next time, leave it untucked. Pants wise, cuff them differently. Maybe you could wear a belt and situate them differently on your waist. If you are constantly changing the way you wear items, they won’t seem to repeat as often, and you won’t get the dreaded, “Didn’t you wear that last week?” comment. 


Best of luck on this back to school season, and if you are in need of a backpack to get you started, I’m doing a giveaway on my insta! 

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