Sustainability, Trends, & "Me"

As fall styles start to become ever prevalent in the stores we frequent to shop, we'll start to see the newest trends for the upcoming FW season. If you're really into fashion shows, you might already have a clue. Between all the blogger gifting and influencers though, most of us already have a sense of whats to come. Some of these trends are already everywhere and are just continuing into cooler weather. I adore trends, and I find it really hard sometimes not to buy into them, especially some major pieces like the Triple S's. It took all I could do to send mine back, but as they're going out I'm so glad I opted for me Acne Percey sneakers. 


I'm not here to talk about old trends, and how I've made it out of last season without busting the bank. That story does giving me some context to the more important topic of incorporating new trends with out losing your sense of "you." This is a topic that has been talked and talked about, but it still seems to resonate. Trends are always tricky because they're so fun but they can also be detrimental to our environment. I've become really conscious (but still making mistakes and figuring out the way) of fast fashion and how we can be more sustainable to help our environment, while still enjoying fashion. I obviously thrift, and I obviously spend my money on some designer pieces. I love doing both, and I think both are ways to be a lot more sustainable. I urge you to do the same. I want to talk through 3 somewhat sustainable outfits that, I think, show off trends, but still keep my sense of me. They show how you can buy classic pieces, thrifted or designer (or even high street) you'll keep forever that are still considered trendy for the time being. 

1. Western / Cowboy Boots


So I don't necessarily think this is a new huge trend, but as fall and winter approach, we're going to be seeing a lot more western inspired items in places like H&M, Topshop(man), etc. These types of pieces have had a community that has never stopped wearing them, I.e. get into a thrift store!!! I found these cropped cowboy style boots in a Goodwill for a whopping $5. I paired them with a classic "Timmy" outfit consisting of pleated grandpa pants and a gingham button up (also thrifted). It's using key outfits in your wardrobe and adding one trendy piece that really help you keep your sense of you. However, I definitely want to get another pair of boots that are a little more cold weather geared, but these suffice for now. Maybe I'll even add a western top? It's small details like this that easily allow you to add a sustainable trendy piece. If I really end up hating the boots later, I can donate them, and that's okay. Hopefully the cycle will continue. 


Ps. The two on the left are men's and the two on the right are women's. All of the options are very western, but can be incorporated after the trend dies down. Boots look super bad-boy on guys, and the boots for women can be paired with any dress to instantly "cool" it up. 

1. Leopard Print


Not that leopard print has ever been out of style, but as of late it's making a comeback as the hot print. It's a classic that can be used in any look. I have this Urban Outfitters one. I went for an option that isn't designer, but is still quality enough to last if I take good care of it. I'm not sure if I'll want to wear leopard 5 years from now, so that's my reasoning. I do think it's a little more timeless on women than men (sorry guys!) With that in mind, Leopard is also defintely harder to find for men, but a classic leopard shirt can be a party night staple. If you like to be more lowkey, go for some socks! Women's wise, the options are everywhere. I personally LOVE the skirt paired with a band tee!

3. Vinyl, PVC, Coated Fabric (you get it)

Out of all of the trends I've talked about, this one is the mot tricky. I only found 3 options for you guys, but if you're dying for the trend, I recommend a bag or a rain jacket. This Stutterheim raincoat is absolutely perfect to style with the trend. It's functional and trendy, so there's more of a reason to justify your vinyl raincoat aspirations. I also have a Comme Des Garcon Shirt vinyl paper bag that I love, but it's nearly impossible to find now. SOOO, I found the Bloomingdale's clear bag that's absolutely perfect. It's affordable and reusable. You can make it fashion or take it to the beach or even use it as a chic grocery bag. 


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